Jack is a seven month old cocker-lab mix who made his way to us from south Texas with his brother and cocker spaniel mom. He is a very sweet boy who has some special needs because he is a distemper survivor. Although Jack had two sets of puppy shots, a few days before his boosters were scheduled, he developed a slight twitch in his left back leg. We and his vet were shocked because Jack didn’t show typical symptoms of the illness in the nearly two months he had been with us. In fact, he thrived, growing and gaining weight like a typical puppy should and never had the usual symptoms. Today Jack runs and plays like a normal pup but has a slight limp when he walks.

We took him to a specialist and they said his limp should not get any worse and could possibly improve with age. Also, because his teeth were affected, he will need to have dentals more often to make sure his teeth stay healthy. In spite of everything, he is a very normal puppy in every other way. He is sweet, loves to snuggle, play with his toys and fetch, take walks, and run. He has a great temperament, and his vets have all loved him. Jack seems to be house trained, and although not fond of a crate, he is crate trained. He is a pretty puppy who will be a beautiful dog and a great addition to any home. Jack would love to soon find his forever family who has a special heart for him and can look beyond his unfortunate past to a bright forever future filled with all the joys and fun he brings.