Hi, my name is Jack, and I am a cocker spaniel-lab mix. I am six months old and everybody loves me that meets me. I am the sweetest puppy and always have been. I am very smart and was pretty much housebroken at a little over four months. I will go out if you let me out. I love to play with my toys, cuddle and snuggle with everyone I meet, and play with other dogs. I am very friendly and have been told I was a “stunning, great all around puppy.” I have my cocker mom’s freckles on my ears that attract everyone to me. I am more than ready to be a loving family member and have a forever home.

Please think about what a great addition I would be to any home and adopt me if you are looking for a very special, happy, and loving young boy. Sending Lab Love and Cocker Kisses, Jack