Daisy is four years old and was found in trash along the side of the road in the National Forest near Cold Spring, Texas. She was rescued by Waggin’ Tails Rescue and later turned over to HCSR. Daisy had a terrible case of mange and hookworms but other than that was in good health. Initially, Daisy was afraid to go outside and flinched at every strange sound, but after two weeks with HCSR she emerged from her shell a happy and playful girl. She now plays like a puppy and even appears to be an alpha girl. She’s a little rough at play so she more than likely hasn’t been exposed to many other dogs.

We have no idea how long Daisy lived in the forest, whether she was dumped there, or wandered off and got lost, but her progress has been remarkable now that she’s feeling better and her mange is healing. She’s a small and spunky and pretty girl who needs a little discipline to stay in check, but for all she has been through she’s very trusting. Daisy likes her toys and exploring in the yard. She is now both crate and house trained, caught on very quickly, and yhd would benefit by having someone hone most of the day or who is not gone long hours at a time. Once her rough edges are smoothed out she will be a great companion and should be fine with young children but not toddlers . She’s a small girl with lots of spunk and energy and is ready for her forever home.