I’m a Fancy, a girly girl who was found along a heavily traveled highway where my owner apparently left me. I was out there a week before a street rescuer was able to catch me. Others had unsuccessfully tried , but little did I realize this was the best thing that could have happened to me! HCSR took me in to help me even though I’m not a cocker. At first I ran from everyone because I was so afraid, but now I come when I am called. I don’t mind other dogs, but I don’t know much about playing with them or about toys yet. I am only three years old and already have heart worms, but I will be treated for them. I don’t seem to be fond of young children but am fine with adults. I am tiny – just about 18 pounds, and as cute as a button.

I have the look of an Australian Shepherd, but I’m no where near their size. I’m quiet, good in my crate, and I do my business outside if you just take me out regularly. I love affection and will warm up to you pretty quickly if you let me come to you first. My foster mom says I am very sweet, petite, and overall a very good girl. I’m looking for my forever home soon! Kisses, “Fancy Pants”