Senior boy Jett was found tied to a post at a boarding facility one morning. Although he had chewed through his tie, Jett was still sitting in the same spot when staff arrived, probably waiting patiently for his owner. Jett was taken in and cared for until we could pick him up and get him serviced in rescue. He is estimated to be about 8 years old, but he jets around the house and yard like he is four. Jett is in good health apart from a mild eye infection and ear infection for which he is being treated. He has been neutered and had a dental with six extractions. Jett is a very happy and active senior and as cute as he can be.

He is both house and crate trained and listens well, loves to go for walks, and plays tag in the yard with his foster brothers and sister. He is a sweet, small sized cocker spaniel who is a great catch if you enjoy the seniors like we do. Given that his health is so remarkably good, this boy has time on his side. We love Jett – he is friendly, precious, easy to love, and a good looking boy. He is ready for his forever home and should do well in any household; he deserves a life of love and care during his remaining years and will not disappoint. Please consider giving Jett a wonderful forever home!