JJ was adopted as a young puppy from HCSR and was returned almost nine months later, supposedly for being “destructive.” He is feeling let down from losing his family and his canine companion, but he is doing well back in foster care. All puppies need training; JJ was never given that opportunity by his adopter, nor was he crate trained when these habits began. He is now being more structured to help him learn. He’s a good dog with a sweet temperament who would be great with young children and would enjoy a companion fur friend to play with. He is house trained and handsome.

JJ’s mom was a pure bred cocker spaniel, but he looks more like a lab. He does, however, have stunning freckles on his ears that resemble his mom’s freckles on her nose; he is larger than a cocker but smaller than a lab. JJ has reached his maximum size and is 13 months old. He would enjoy having an owner who worked from home and would take him on leisurely walks. He will make a great family dog with some continued guidance and direction and is not difficult to work with. We want more than anything for this once very good little pup to find his loving forever home! Let’s give JJ the chance he always deserved!