Rudi is two years old and is still very much like a puppy. We don’t know as he ever had a chance to be a puppy, considering his background, but we do know he is a sweet guy who really wants to please his people. Rudi has come a long way since coming to rescue. He will come when he is called and loves playing with another dog; he would make a great pal if you have another young active dog looking for a friend.  Although he could use some obedience training, he is very attentive and wants to please, so he learns quickly. Rudi has already learned so much and has gained confidence that he is now safe. Our guess is that Rudi had little attention and structure as a young pup and never had someone give him the time and attention he needed to learn and comply. He simply has not known what was right or wrong or good or bad for him until coming to rescue.

Rudi is handsome and young with a lot of energy and spirit and sweetness. He has progressed nicely with his house training but would currently benefit greatly by having an owner who works out of the home or is not absent for long hours. He loves soft toys to carry and run with in the yard and would enjoy a good tug of war with you or another pup. He has learned to relax in his crate and is fully vetted, available for adoption, and looking for his perfect forever home.

Please apply at if interested in providing Rudi with a loving, forever home and think your home would meet his needs.