Hi, I’m Spencer, and I was found on a hot summer night in June tied to a post with no food or water. People said my family abandoned me when they moved. A nice lady untied me, and a rescuer took me in. She asked for Rescue help, and HCSR answered the call. I was skinny and looked like perhaps I had been hit by a car. I soon saw the vet who took X-rays and found that my spine was out of alignment and my pelvis had been broken and healed, but not like it should have. They recommended I go to Texas A&M. I had some special X-rays there. The vets loved my bubbly personality- I’m just about 2! They couldn’t believe how well I got around! I was expecting some kind of surgery – maybe on my hip – but they said “no.” They advised HCSR to let me be because there were lots of tricky nerves back there that surgery could disturb and make me worse. So – I was neutered and now I’m ready for my home. I’m a handsome buff boy with a beautiful happy face and on the small side. I make friends easily with people and dogs and just want to play! I run like the wind and am fast – really fast! The vet specialists said they aren’t even sure I would become arthritic sooner than most pups as I age. So overall, I’m really very normal in every way – I just look a little different because of my spine. I’m ready for my forever home, so please come and meet me at our next adoption event at Kriser’s in The Woodlands on October 5. Finally, I want to thank all the people who generously donated for my visit to Texas A&M and made it possible – you all paid my bill, and I can’t thank you enough! Love and cocker kisses, Spencer