Happy New Year! We are so late this year as we had so many dogs from Thanksgiving throughout December with procedures to schedule and things to do in readiness for their forever homes. There has never been a time that we can remember that so many came in, in a short period of time, needed something medical to be done, had adopters who were so excited about getting them, and finally went home to stay. Two dogs, Buddy and Marley, went on transport to Virginia where their adoptive family was waiting. Vaccination requirements, health certificates, a dental for Buddy, along with transport needs, all were assured before their big day came.  Two dogs had major FHO surgeries in December, each with a broken hip, requiring special after care. This was a first as well. We cannot apologize enough for our tardiness, but the dogs always come first with their needs, and for our size, it was a bit overwhelming for the time frame.


Even though we did not rescue as many dogs as usual in 2019, we took on some difficult cases that required a lot of attention and time to solve. Our tiny beauty Bree, who was rescued in early May from a breeding/hoarding situation, spent nearly seven months with us with multiple vet visits and tests prior to a confirmed diagnosis of moderate IBD by endoscopic examination. Once stable, it didn’t take long for her perfect fit to come along, and she finally left rescue at the very end of November for her happily ever after. Today she is spoiled and thriving, a sweet little one, whose exhaustive care for several months finally ended perfectly! Her parents are vigilant with her dietary care and needs, so necessary for her continued good health. In addition, our Spencer came to rescue in late June with a curved spine and poorly healed crushed pelvis. He required a trip to Texas A&M for evaluation and was another pup who needed the perfect home for him, which he found after Thanksgiving. What could be better than a mom who is a veterinarian and a canine brother to play with, a pool to do muscle strengthening exercises in, and three human teenage siblings and a dad, to secure his future after five months in rescue? Some of these rescues require the perfect fit, which we always wait for no matter how long it takes, because it’s what they need for their happiness and any future medical attention which might be necessary. For our two FHO dogs, their rehabilitation requirements will also demand proper care by their adopters who are willing to do what is necessary for surgery success. Angel is currently in her forever home receiving that care, and Jesse will be in his foster to adopt home soon, which will hopefully be his forever. Our Jesse also had a cracked canine that was fixed by our awesome dental specialist and will still have heart worm treatment to complete once he is fully recuperated from his FHO surgery. He has been in rescue since early September. We cannot imagine the pain this pup has experienced in not even three years of life. We have always been about excellent medical care and the perfect home fit for our dogs; we are proud of our efforts in that mission, all made possible by our wonderful donors and supporters, who seem to have always been there when our pups needed them most.

HCSR also took in several seniors this year that required extra medical attention prior to their adoptions. We could not save our Lucy in early spring, but we did everything we could for her. Our other 2019 seniors, except for one, have gone to their loving forever homes, but we have faith the perfect fit will come for our boy at the right time. We are called upon regularly to help these great older cockers, and when we are not in a position to help, we do spend time networking, referring, communicating, and following them until they are safe. There are so many facets of rescue – it is, indeed, a monumental effort for the love of the dog, which can be both exhausting and rewarding. Finally, this past year brought us many anxious dogs, who also required special care and homes. They come with so many fears to conquer and confidence to gain prior to leaving us for their patient, caring, and loving homes, that will continue their rehabilitation to complete success and a happy life. It is usually achieved, again, with that perfect fit.

We are also very thankful for our increased Facebook audience. We have increased from 1500 page Likes to nearly 6000 in the last four years of our eight year existence as a rescue.  The increased awareness of our rescue and work have helped us with donations and shares when we’ve needed them the most and from people who do not follow us as regularly as others. Birthday fundraisers have tremendously helped with donations, as well. It’s sincerely an honor when people choose us to help. No rescue can survive and do the best for their pups without this support.  

In closing, in spite of fewer dogs having been rescued this year, we still had nearly 60 who were saved, from puppies on the euthanasia list to seniors in shelters and on the streets, from cruelty cases to hoarding situations, from dogs that had to be trapped before rescue to dogs with different and challenging medical and behavioral issues. It has been a very different year, and although our holiday wishes are very late in arriving, we cannot say enough how much your support and understanding are appreciated.

HCSR wishes you all the best of health and happiness in 2020, and the pups and volunteers thank you so much for your continued support. Our challenges and achievements were different and many, but we are happy to have been able to meet those challenges and are proud of our pups who conquered them – all because of you!