My name is Arie (R-E), and I’m the longest stay in rescue. It’s past time for me to find a home, but I do need a very special one. I’m going on 4 now, and I’ve grown up a little since I came to rescue. I am high energy and very smart, so I can get into things, especially if they’re on the counter where I can reach them and I’m bored. I’d do best with an active family who loves to go on walks where I can explore things and use up my energy. I’m a busy boy who enjoys challenges. I’m like a Jack Russell in a cocker suit according to my trainer, and I’d probably do well in agility classes. I’m fine with other dogs as long as there are no toys involved because, you see, they’re all mine. But yet my foster mom would say I am the most affectionate, loving, and endearing boy in the house. I love to be hugged and give kisses. I’m fine at the groomer and vet, but my groomer has to be fast with my face. I just need a firm handler. My favorite thing to do is to sit on a chair with you or near you. I love being free and am not fond of a crate, but I do sleep in my crate every night without a peep. I know some commands, and I always come when I’m called. I love being by your side, and I can make anyone laugh! I’m a mix of a little funny naughty and a little sweet nice. Everyone tells me I’m such a handsome boy. I’m so ready for a family so please take me home!