This handsome guy was found several months ago, but no owner ever came forward for him. His caretakers thought they might keep him because he’s such a good dog, but their work schedules and a toddler keep them busy, and he needs more time than they can give. They say he would love a large back yard and would do well with young children. He’s good with their toddler, but they think older children would be better because of his activity level and larger size. They have been calling him Pupples, so we will leave his name at that for now.  Our vet thinks Pupples is a Boykin/Springer Spaniel mix and he was aged at 3 yrs old.  It was raining a little when he was picked up so they put on his raincoat :)

Pupples would LOVE to have another dog to play with…..he loves to play but has nobody who will play with him at his current foster home…..he even loves a good game of chase with the cat!  It just so happened that Pupples was kept safe by people who used to foster for a rescue; they really took extra special care of him. Welcome to HCSR, Pupples!