Jackson2Jackson was surrendered to a shelter by his owner with instructions to euthanize because he had “cocker ears.”  We were appalled that someone could do that to this beautiful 4 year old boy who had been a loyal companion since he was a puppy!  Naturally, we took Jackson in and started treating his ear infection.  It will take a little while for him to heal, but this little lover is the sweetest boy you’ve ever seen.  He is feeling much better already from the meds we have given him.  Fortunately, Jackson was heartworm negative, so once we get his ears opened up enough to have them flushed and packed, he’ll be on his way to recovery.  Since it might take several months to heal, Jackson is looking for a place to hang out so his foster mom can continue to save other needy cockers from the shelters.  If you have a big heart and can welcome this sweetie into your home for a month or so, please let us know.  Jackson