Sophie14Sophie ended up at the shelter because her owner said she “had too many dogs” — maybe that was because they kept breeding Sophie and decided puppies were more exciting that having mom around.  Sophie is a beautiful dark sable girl who is 6 – 7 years old.  Fortunately, she was heartworm negative but she was matted so bad, she had to have her beautiful coat stripped.  She is currently being treated for an ear infection and will go in this week to have her spay.  She had delivered pups fairly recently and was obviously a breeder dog who was only useful as long as she could reproduce.  Sophie is a little insecure right now because she doesn’t understand why she was left at the shelter, but we have assured her that her breeding days are over and she’s headed toward a new life.  She is the sweetest girl ever and just wants to cuddle and be near her human.