Gabby18Gabby17Gabby has a very sad story.  We heard about her owner turning her in to the shelter because they got a new puppy and no longer wanted her.  Gabby is only about 2 or 3 yrs old and a very sensitive, loyal girl.   At first Gabby was terrified and did not want anything to do with anyone, but a few days, she realized she was safe and started to trust again.  She attaches herself to her human and follows them everywhere.  Gabby would be fine being an only child or having a canine companion.  She even likes cats!    We aren’t sure what she is mixed with, but with her longer body and shorter lets, we’re thinking she has some Doxie in her.  She weighs about 20 lbs so she’s a small girl…..and look at that adorable underbite!  Gabby is ready for her forever home!