Katy was reluctantly surrendered to HCSR by her mom who has cancer. Her wish is that Katy find a wonderful home. Katy was diagnosed with Primary Glaucoma last year and had to have one of her eyes removed and will more than likely lose her sight in the other eye soon. It could be months or years…..we don’t know. We would love to find Katy a forever home before she loses her sight so she will have time to adapt to her new surroundings. Katy is 6 years old and is wonderful with kids! She’s content as long as she has her ball in her mouth. She’s such an easy going girl and is no trouble at all. Blind dogs adapt really well, especially in familiar surroundings, and even better if there is another dog in the home to be her “eyes.” Do you have it in your heart to accept this sweet girl into your home? I know it would make her mom very happy! Please “share” to help find Katy’s forever home soon.