Beasley6BeasleyBeasley5Beasley2Beasley4Hi Folks! My name is Beasley, and I am a playful, all black cocker spaniel with a coat that shines, shines, shines! I am about 1 -2 years old – I am still all puppy, but I am a good puppy, according to my foster mom, so that makes me happy! I love to play with my ball, water bottle and Kong toy. I carry them wherever I go and would love for you to throw them to me so I can run and catch them. Let me warn you, though – I am very fast! Bet you can’t catch me! I have a lot of puppy energy, but that is good. I am a healthy and very fit boy. Other dogs don’t bother me and neither do cats. I don’t sit still very long because I am so busy all the time with all of my energy.  I do like attention, but it does take me a while to warm up to people, so please be patient with me.  Once I learn to trust you, I’ll be the best boy ever!  I think I am a good catch, so will you catch me, be my forever family, and play catch with me?  By the way, I love the empty water bottles so please save up a stash for me!