LouieLouie3Louie2Louie5Louie4Little Louie is sad because he hasn’t found his forever home.  He went out to a retired lady as soon as he was turned over to us by the Good Samaritans who found him abandoned in a park, but she decided she wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of a dog and gave him back.  Louie has been aged at 5 – 6 years old and only weighs 15 lbs.  He is just content to sit around and watch TV with his owner; however, he does love his daily walks.  He came in with a cataract in one eye (the other eye is fine) but the doggie eye doctor told us he wasn’t a candidate for surgery.  It is dissolving, but they aren’t sure if it will dissolve 100%.  These special needs babies just break your heart.  Probably someone abandoned him when they discovered his cataract, but Louie doesn’t understand.  He’s a good boy, doesn’t take up much room and gets along with all ages (humans, dogs and cats).  Can someone open up just a small part of your heart and give Louie a home?  Like we said, he doesn’t take up much space :)