imageimageLittle Madison has a sad story. He and his sister, Mallory, ended up at a shelter in deplorable condition. When Madison came in to the shelter, he had been hit by a car causing blunt trauma to his right eye.  We recently took him to an eye specialist, but it was confirmed that he has no vision in that eye.  Fortunately, his other eye is fine.
Neither one appeared to have been groomed
in years and had to be sheared like sheep because mats covered their entire
bodies. Madison only weighs 11 lbs so he needs lots of TLC! He is such a love
and is happy just to have a ball in his mouth….tennis ball, rubber ball, squeaky ball….he doesn’t care. Both dogs were aged at around 5 – 6 years old  but can be separated (we have them in separate foster homes now). Although they enjoy canine companionship, they are mostly looking for love from their human. In spite of everything, they are very trusting and very sweet!Madisonimage