Fudge6Fudge3Fudge5Fudge is a 1-2 year old friendly boy who was rescued by a young lady on her way to work one morning, Fudge was trying to get on a school bus, and the children were kicking him. Fudge went under the bus, and the bus drove over him, but luckily, he was not hit. His rescue angel stopped and took him to her home for safety. They posted flyers, drove around nearby neighborhoods, and posted him on social media. No one claimed or even inquired about Fudge, so he was turned over to HCSR. His coat was severely matted, overgrown, and full of burrs, requiring him to be shaved. He will be gorgeous when his soft and curly coat grows. Fudge is cat and dog friendly, very well behaved, and has been a model foster boy. He appears to be house trained and would fit in any home. With as gentle as he is, he should do well with children, too. Fudge says, “I am very excited about having a forever family. I have the cutest eyebrows and wiggle butt, too! I promise that you will not be disappointed in me. You will love me when you meet me, and I will love you forever.”