Mallory7Mallory8MalloryMallory2Little MMallory3allory has a sad story. She and her brother, Madison, ended up at a shelter in deplorable condition. When they came in to the shelter, neither one appeared to have been groomed in years and had to be sheared like sheep because mats covered their entire bodies. Madison only weighed 11 lbs and Mallory weighed 14. Both dogs are so sweet in spite of what they have been through. Mallory is a little more “needy” and needs the company of other dogs. She does not like to be left alone by herself but seems to be find as long as other dogs are present.  Both dogs were aged at around 5 – 6 years and can be separated (we have them in separate foster homes now). Although they enjoy canine companionship, they are mostly looking for love from their human. As neglected as they were, both are very trusting and just want to be loved!