Rico-by-flag2-300x225Although Rico is middle aged, you have to check his birth date to believe it because he looks, acts, plays, and even medically appears to be at least 2-3 years younger. His eyes will melt your heart. Rico had a wonderful home from the time he was a puppy, but unfortunately, Rico and his family lost their home and all their belongings in the recent floods in Henderson, TX. Not knowing how long they would be displaced, Rico’s family decided to send him to rescue with the help of a family friend so that he would be safe and find a good home.

Rico appears to be very healthy, including ears and teeth, from his medical check. His mom was a pure bred cocker spaniel and his dad is unknown, but our guess is that he was a Golden Retriever with Rico’s wonderful temperament. Rico gets along great with other dogs, seems to be house trained, and loves to carry around his toys. He is really a cuddle bug, and it’s obvious he was well-loved and cared for. In addition, Rico is also very obedient and responds to your wishes. Please give this sweet boy a chance to have the wonderful forever home he so deserves. Rico2Rico3  Don’t worry, we’re trimming his top knot :)