Matt8Matt3Matt10 Matt14 Matt13My name is Matt (or Matt-Matt as my Foster family calls me).  I was dumped in a neighborhood where some nice people took me in!  I was a mess!  I had 4 inch matts that had to be cut out…thus the name Matt!  I had heartworms, but have completed my treatment and can now be a dog!  I got neutered, all my shots and a microchip.  I think I am around 5 years old.  While I was in my Foster Home, I learned to play with other dogs and chew toys!  I LOVE to go on walks.  I will mouth if there is something I don’t like, but I don’t bite.  I am a grumbly player, I have a lot to say!  Apparently I had a hard life before, one of my vet visits found I had been shot with birdshot!  I have fragments all in my chest, but the vet said nothing to do about it and it sure doesn’t slow me down!!  I love to run and play with my brothers and sisters.  This house is great, but I would sure love a Furever home!