Hi, I’m Lexie.  Okay, so I’m having a bad hair day…….not my fault.  Unfortunately, my hair was so badly matted that most of it had to go.  I may not look as gorgeous as I will when my strawberry blonde hair grows in, but my foster mom says I’m the sweetest little mystery mix cuddle bunny ever!  I am calm, quiet, and friendly with all the doggies here and play nicely with everyone.  I even like the kitties, but I especially love people!  I am truly a lap dog.  “Mom” says my kisses are extra special and I’ll give you oodles of them if you’ll adopt me!  I am 4 yrs old, weigh approximately 13 pounds (although I’m really trying to put on some weight) and although at first they thought I was a cockapoo, I’m looking more like a “Lhasapoo” — what do you think?  I am showing my picture before my haircut so you can see what I looked like when I first came in!