About Us

Houston Cocker Spaniel Rescue was formed by two cocker spaniel lovers who have over 25 years combined experience in “rescuing” Cocker Spaniels.  With so many homeless cocker spaniels in the Greater Houston area, Houston Cocker Spaniel Rescue focuses primarily on rescuing dogs in North Harris County and Montgomery County where there is a dire need.  We hope that we can make a difference, especially in those areas.

Testimonial from Tim & Grace

We were adopted about 10 years ago by one of HCSR founders. Life was kind of rough for both of us before we got rescued by Mom and Dad.  In the years since,

we have helped out (and put up with) well over a hundred other rescues that have passed through our house.  It gets kind of crazy sometimes when a new dog comes to stay with us while Mom tries to find them a new home. As annoying as it can be, we put up with it because we know what it feels like to be mistreated and abandoned – not fun! Getting rescued and finding a new home is great!  

Forever Homes Found