Hi! My name is Beau.  I am a loving handsome silver buff boy, but I do have some special needs. You see, I was abandoned a few times and had been medically neglected when I came to rescue so I had a few problems to correct.  I had painful ear infections and a UTI that was so bad that it took months to clear and an ultrasound to see if I was really OK.  I was high heart worm positive and had to go through  treatment; finally, I was able to be neutered. I became an anxious dog after all the pain and abandonment, so my vet put me on medicine, which has helped me a lot.  I still don’t like being separated from my foster mom, but I can do fine in my crate as long as all my toys are with me.  I love my stuffed soft toys and my chew turkey bone.

I am a boy who needs to be an only dog because I dearly grow to love the person who loves and cares for me and can become jealous. I need a big back yard to run in ( I am not a dog park dog) so I can use up my extra energy because I am very athletic and curious. Once I trapped a rat when I was on a visit, and frogs cannot get away from me on a walk at night because I am too fast for them. I am possessive of the person who I love.  There is nothing I enjoy more than to be hugged and loved by my special person.  I will bring all of my toys where you are and play nicely with them before I cuddle up next to you and take a snooze.  That makes me very happy!

My vet says I need a scheduled and structured home with little traffic and activity. This helps keep me calm, so young children would not be good for me. I am crate and house trained and would feel better with someone home most of the day. I do just fine with my vet and with my groomer, but I always have to make the first move to feel I can trust; then, I am fine.

I love my foster mom so much, and she is my best friend.  She tells everyone she loves me and there isn’t anything she can’t do with me.  That is because I totally trust her.