My name is Duke, and I am a precious senior lap dog boy who has had it rough. My brother Shadow and I were taken to the shelter when our owner died, and my buddy Shadow was adopted. I was so lonesome and lost! An HCSR volunteer fell in love with me, so they took me in! I am about 8 years old, and I was in great shape except that I needed my teeth cleaned and a couple pulled. I also had cataracts, but my ophthalmologist said I was a good candidate for cataract surgery, so HCSR scheduled it. Unlike most dogs who undergo this eye surgery, I had a lot of unexpected complications after it. My foster mom had never seen so many eye drops and medications that had to be given to me in her life! But she kept all my prescriptions straight and gave me what and when I needed like clock work and took me to all of my appointments. You see, she is a RN, so you know I had the best of care. Today I have two medications twice a day, and I am regularly being monitored by my special eye doctor as they call him. I am a low key boy and am perfectly house trained. I am truly a lap dog. If you see me at an adoption event I will more than likely be sitting on someone’s lap! I also like snuggling next to my person. 

My eyes are still healing, so we don’t know how much vision I will have when all is said and done, but I do see, and I think I see better than before my surgery. Because my eyes need to be handled with care, it is probably best that I not be in a home with small children so I don’t risk having my eyes hurt after all I have been through. I am a real cutie, and people say I am the perfect size with perfect cocker features. I would love to soon find my forever home where I can enjoy my golden years. If you have a heart for a minor special needs boy, please consider me. I am a perfect gentleman! 

Cocker Snuggles, Duke