Poor little Duke was turned into the shelter with his brother, who was adopted, and so he was left alone. One of our volunteers just couldn’t leave Duke behind, so she rescued him from another day of doggy jail and possible euthanasia. Duke is about 8 years old and is as cute as a button! He is small in size, house trained, and a real love bug. Although Duke doesn’t care to be picked up, it doesn’t matter because he jumps up to wherever he wants to go, which is usually right by your side where he can be petted and snuggle and cuddle with you.

Duke is a little lap dog and enjoys company, both human and other dogs. He is not meant to be a loner. He loves his walks and is good on a leash. Duke does have juvenile cataracts, but he already has been evaluated, and no surgery or medication is recommended for him at this time, as they appear to be dissolving. He can actually see, according to his eye specialist, and his vision may even improve in time. If you are looking for an easy going sweet lap dog, Duke is the dog for you!