However, the real seriousness lies in the long term effects,

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“The potential health effects after our body metabolizes Butane into Sec Butanol are gastrointestinal issues, including, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. However, the real seriousness lies in the long term effects, which may cause sudden collapse, coma, respiratory failure, liver and kidney failure and even death.” Butane is a solvent it far from harmless. Anyone calling butane harmless needs to get educated. As far as tests no group can test all their products that wouldn be cost efficient. But if you can find a single lab test it uk moncler outlet a bad sign.

My bad, I should moncler uk outlet have written that when you burn butane it harmless but I thought it was implied seeing how you need to heat your shatter to smoke it. I still think BMC handled this well and would love cheap moncler coats mens if MOMs lab tested their products but I have yet to find any that does. What MOMs do you use that offer have lab tested products? I honestly didn find any when I looked about 6 months ago, best I could find was Liberty Farms who had some tests online but no way to know if the batch I was buying was the one tested.

Yeah you don dab at low temperature but a lot of people do. At low temps the butanes are released and not burned. You are not a scientist, stop acting like it.

no way to uk moncler sale know if the batch I was buying was the one tested.

Still better than knowing nothing, I would rather a producer show me they can produce a product that is safe. Even if it is another product from them they are buying. It like a track moncler mens jackets moncler online store record or a resume. Not tests = no information. This is moncler outlet woodbury what I am telling you. BC medi chronic is not a producer just a reseller. And they will cheap moncler jackets mens sell you any old shatter they can find. No hate but be real we on different planes of existence. I have been through the science moncler outlet sale and talked to professionals. I care about my health and it shows. Your dollars are votes use them wisely. That said, I still think BMC handled this really well and moncler womens jackets OP still seems weird to have had no problem last week with dark shatter that he said smelled bad and then this week goes on about how his health is a best moncler jackets priority, just didn make sense to me. Kind of like when he said BMC wasn acknowledging him, guaranteeing that BMC wouldn try the shatter or that the freebies are just to offload terrible product while in the end moncler outlet prices BMC had straight up offered 100$ credit, accepted his request moncler outlet store to ship it back and in the end refunded him his 500$ for AA shatter that didn sparkle for anyone else.

You still haven told me which MOM you prefer.

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Je sais que plusieurs ont Martineau en grippe, mais je dois dire que c un excellent texte ici, gnralement assez pos. Son argument principal est que le “vivre ensemble” ne devrait pas se limiter la majorit qui ferme les yeux sur les comportements cheap moncler sale des nouveaux arrivants et des minorits qui peuvent brusquer les valeurs et les normes de la majorit, mais sur un compromis entre la majorit d et les immigrants, et que c un dbat qu peut avoir sans ncessairement mettre tout le reste de la socit sur la glace. Je suis tout fait d avec ce qu a dit ici.

Malheureusement, si on laisse faire les autorits, comme Trudeau pre a impos le multiculturalisme dans la Constitution sans demander l de personne et que les juges ont adopt cette mentalit qui transparat dans leurs jugements que seule la majorit a un devoir cheap moncler jackets d et que les minorits n aucun devoir d alors nous n jamais cet quilibre. C pourquoi les multiculturalistes ne veulent pas qu en parle et ainsi tentent de tuer toute discussion publique sur ces enjeux: les institutions publiques sont de leur bord et ils le savent. Alors un dbat public pour eux ne peut se solder au mieux que par le statu quo, au pire par un rquilibrage qui va diminuer l de leur idologie dans la socit. Donc ils n rien gagner et tout perdre.

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They kind of did last February when the government was pressing the senate to give the bill royal assent before May 1st as cheap moncler jackets womens it would take 8 12 weeks for everyone to get ready after that date. It is brownish though, the 3 smell like badly stored weed, they don stink but they all smell kind of the same and none of those nice terpene smells and the taste was also lacking. It was however pretty potent, cheapmoncler more than I was expecting and the buds, although not huge, were a decent size and compact. I really had the feeling it was stored somewhere a bit to warm as I had great weed moncler sale outlet turn brownish and lose its smell by storing moncler outlet in warm places over long periods. 7 points submitted 6 days ago

Not unrelated at all. I live in CA and see “the spread” (be it from a brick from a cartel, which, I haven actually seen in a few years, to the frostiest gold I can imagine). Quality might not matter for extracts and beverages, but I also don see flower going anywhere soon, and quality matters! The local med shops around me reflect this, as the best stuff seems to flow through the best discount moncler jackets place at incredible prices, and these guys have completely dominated my little area. I think the same will happen on a MUCH moncler usa larger scale but I don live in Canada to really test this on my lonesome. That said, it was a huge reason I went with APH and CRON as my biggest holdings. FTR: I live in the Central Valley, so there are no Rec places within 100 mi.

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Had a sample before x mas and it was surprisingly good! Usually moncler outlet online black hash is lacking in potency but the BCM one sure was strong. Not sure if it the same batch though so might be terrible now, their BubbaXRockstar is also nice and strong but doesn have the black hash taste and texture. Hashy Hash is real good, strong moncler sale and tastes great but it doesn taste like old school black hash either. I been looking off and on for 6 months now moncler sale online for some Indian cream or charas but haven found any.