Layla & Nicholas

layla and nicholasLayla3LaylaLayla and Nicholas came in with a pack of 8 to one of the local shelters.  They are both mixes but looked cockerish enough for us!  They were almost feral when they first came in but in a couple of weeks’ time, they have made tremendous progress!  They want to trust but think they were just never socialized with humans so they didn’t know how to act.  They are both adorable and are very bonded.  They sleep together and love to explore the yard together.  They are a team and they even steal shoes and other things they shouldn’t have together and fill up their bed with them (the last picture is evidence of that)!  We would love it if they could be placed together but could probably be separated as long as there was another dog in the household.  Think Layla could be an only child, but Nicholas definitely needs a buddy.  If you can find it in your heart to adopt both of these babies, please contact us.  Layla is about 1 yr old and only weighs about 10 lbs (she’s the smaller of the two), and Nicholas is only about 7 months old, so they are both very young.  Nicholas is a beautiful red color.  Here’s a video of them running in the yard together.  They are very bonded!

layla and nicholas in bed with toysNicholas2Nicholas3