Rusty3Dakota and Rusty4Rusty sleeping2Rusty is the most loveable boy I believe we’ve ever had in rescue!  However, he comes with a responsibility…..a wife!  Rusty and Dakota were surrendered to rescue when their owner could no longer keep them, and Dakota was expecting at the time.  She has now given birth to 8 beautiful puppies.  Rusty and Dakota are very bonded and we would like to see them placed together.  Once the pups are weaned, we will have Dakota spayed and then she and Rusty will be ready for their new home.  We’ve never had a pair so attached, so please consider adopting these two as a pair.  They really need to stay together!  They are both around 3 years old (one is 2-1/2 and the other 3-1/2.  They get along with other dogs, cats, and kids (as long as nobody is messing with Dakota’s babies!).  Once the kids are out on their own, Dakota and Rusty will have their responsibility fulfilled as parents!