Solomon was transported to HCSR from another rescue group in Mississippi.  He was tied in a yard of an older person who had to go into a nursing home.  He went to Paws Rescue in Vicksburg and was vetted there, but was heartworm positive, so HCSR took him.  He’s a young boy….they said he was about 4, but he acts more like he’s a puppy.  Solomon loves to take all of the toys out of the toy basket and has a good time entertaining himself.  He does have some crate anxiety so he doesn’t like to be crated but he is house trained and likes to sleep with his human:)

He’s got a little separation anxiety but should get better once he’s knows he’s not going to be abandoned again.  He is starving for affection and will melt your heart with his eyes.  He’s going to be stunning once his coat grows back!  Solomon also likes kids and would love to have a friend play ball with him!